Learn the Basics

A domain name is simply the website name such as AlexByDesigns.com that people use to find your website.

Hosting is simply a secure location where your website’s files are stored and always available for people to visit.

WordPress is a (Content Management System) that is free to download and has a very friendly and easy to use interface for maintaining and updating a website. On its own it only functions as a basic blog but with access to a huge collection of add-ons created by a dedicated community, WordPress can be transformed into a top tier website for anyone.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is simply an extra layer of security that is expected of any site that takes and stores sensitive information from their visitors. Generally if your site stores passwords, credit card info, and similar information then you should have SSL. The common way to tell if you have SSL is if your website begins withHTTPS instead of just HTTP.