Yea yea yea- this stuff is no fun, but it’s very important you read it all carefully. If you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to shoot us an email.

-The design process cannot begin until your start date & until we have all the information requested from you in the AlexByDesigns Design Form/welcome letter.
-When your start date begins, please be prepared. We will be emailing you that day & will need things from you. If we don’t hear from you within 5 days, we will have to push back your start date as we do have multiple clients at one time & clients scheduled.
-We cannot get started on your site until AlexByDesign’s ‘Disclaimer Form’ is signed and sent back to us via e-mail.
– We do offer our recommendations for domain & hosting providers. AlexByDesigns DOES offer hosting for a competitive rate and this would need to be purchased before we begin the website process.
-We encourage your input during the design process, but we also understand opinions can change. Once the site is complete & built to your specifications- we will give you one week to make minor changes. We will not be able to do a complete redesign of any pages/ major elements (i.e. logo/layout). If you want a complete redesign of a page or a logo, you will be subject to an additional hourly rate.
– We require to have your deposit up front in order to hold your spot.
– If you decide to independently edit or update your web pages or to hire someone else to make changes to the site after completion, we’re not responsible for any of these changes or if any problems arise.
– AlexByDesigns does not guarantee that our services will bring site traffic or business to client’s site.
– A footer will be added to the bottom of your site stating “Designed by AlexByDesigns” with a link to our site. We will match the colors to the design of your site.
– If we feel that the working relationship between AlexByDesigns & client is not cohesive to productivity, we do reserve the right to refuse service.
– We do not offer refunds on completed sites. If the site hasn’t yet been completed and you decide you want to go in another direction, we will refund you for the uncompleted work.